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Transformative Rebrand: Introducing Cerba Lancet Zambia.


In a move that signifies its commitment to continuous growth and innovation, the diagnostic laboratory known as Lancet Laboratories Zambia has officially rebranded and will now operate under the new name Cerba Lancet Zambia. This transformative change reflects the laboratory's mission to deliver exceptional diagnostic services, reaffirming its position as a leader in the industry and Zambia.

The introduction of the new brand identity, including a refreshed logo and visual elements, marks an exciting chapter for Cerba Lancet Zambia. While the name has changed, the laboratory's core principles of quality, expertise, and putting customers first remain at the heart of its operations across multiple sites nationwide.

"Our decision to rebrand as Cerba Lancet Zambia represents our dedication to evolving and adapting to better serve our customers," said Alzera Hussein, General Manager. "This new identity reflects our commitment to providing cutting-edge diagnostic solutions backed by international expertise and best practices."

As part of an international group, Cerba Lancet Zambia leverages global expertise and best practices to ensure its services meet the highest standards.

Cerba Lancet Zambia recently expanded its footprint last year with the opening of a laboratory within the Health and Wellness Centre at Sandy's Creations Resort. This strategic move provides a one-stop-shop experience for patients, offering convenient access to a comprehensive range of multidisciplinary specialists' practice based in a prime location in Lilayi along Kafue Road.

Investing in its workforce is a top priority for Cerba Lancet Zambia. The company prioritises continuous training and development for its staff, ensuring they possess the latest knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional services.

To further enhance the customer experience, Cerba Lancet Zambia has launched an online survey to gather valuable feedback from its clients. This initiative aims to identify areas for improvement and address any concerns, ensuring the laboratory remains responsive to evolving customer needs.

"Our new brand represents our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction," added Alzera Hussein. "We are excited for this new chapter and to continue providing our clients with the exceptional diagnostic services they expect from us."

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